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John HerbertMY LOGO:  For my logo I have chosen the Japanese character for the "Yume-Do," whose meaning has been "The Way of the Dream." 

"Yume" is the Japanese word for 'dream in sleep'. 'Do' is the Japanese equivalent of the Chinese 'Tao', roughly translatable as 'Way'. 'Yume Do' is the 'Way of the Dream' as a spiritual practice." (1)


WORKING WITH YOUR DREAM:  All dreams come in the service of health and/or well-being. Dreams usually are about some issue that is of concern to the individual, although that issue may not yet be in the individual's conscious awareness. If one were fully aware of the issue, there would be no need for the dream. Occasionally, a dream clearly confirms a real life situation that is already conscious. 

There was an old English usage for the word unconscious: "Not yet speech ripe," as if the meaning were on the tip of the tongue but could not be clearly expressed. I believe the dream is generally presenting us with an important message from the unconscious . The oxymoron is that if we were aware of the issue, we would not have the dream. 

Einstein noted that one cannot solve a problem from the same perspective that created the problem. One needs a different point of view. The task of dreamwork, whether it be individual or joint, is for the dreamer to arrive at a different viewpoint or viewpoints from which to consider the metaphor of the dream. When a new viewpoint is recognized, there is an "Ah Ha!" moment that puts the dream in a new perspective and a message is understood.  


MULTIPLE MEANINGS: Dreams usually have more than one meaning. My perspective is that the current issue is the result of an historical background that is underlying not only the current issue but also other issues based on the underlying philosophy. My experience has been that after having worked with an important dream, at a later date a new idea will suddenly pop into my awareness, and I'll recognize a link that also applies to a different life situation. It has been fun to work with my dreams. 

I stand in awe of this whole dreaming process. I am always astounded at how the mind can create such a concise story or image to show us a potential issue. In the same way that a surgeon's scalpel can lay open tissue, a dream can lay open an issue.



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